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International exchange event at Ginza CBD Cafe
International Meetup CBD Cafe


At the CBD Cafe / International Exchange Event, a friendly space where anyone can easily experience studying abroad.

"HEMP by SKY GREEN" is "you can have international exchange", "you can experience studying abroad", and "you can make friends overseas" while drinking CBD coffee or CBD cocktail.


"What you can experience"

While drinking a drink with CBD
  ◎ Learn useful English / Chinese / Japanese phrases

  ◎ You can chat and make friends with people from various countries.

  ◎ You can get information unique to the local area and exchange information.

  ◎ Improve your English / Chinese / Japanese skills

● CBD coffee: 880 yen


 hot 550 yen

 Ice 605 yen

● Hemp milk

 straight 605 yen

 Sweet 660 yen

● CBD cocktail 2000 yen

● Wine 840 yen ~


Notes :

• Alcohol is for people over 20 years old.
• Participating members are those who are learning a language or are  interested in CBD.

• This event space is non-smoking.

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