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CBD is a super healthy ingredient extracted from hemp.
CBD enriches your quality of life!

Japan has long been called "the country of hemp", and hemp seeds and hemp fibers have been a part of our lives.
Since the 1990s, industrial hemp, which does not detect drug components, has been developed, and it has become possible to officially import, sell, and use "hemp products" that comply with the Japanese Cannabis Control Law.

Among them, CBD, which is one of the components (cannabinoids) extracted from mature stems, is drawing a lot of attention.
It is this CBD that acts on the natural homeostasis that humans have in order to live on the earth.
It is a system (ECS) that works on the immune system and transmission system to keep the body balance such as body temperature, blood flow, blood pressure, and blood sugar level constant so that the organism adapts to changes in the external environment.


We would like you to use the products of this super plant "HEMP", which also contributes to the SDGs, to improve the quality of life.
We have opened a real shop in Ginza so that you can actually experience CBD while enjoying it at CAFE.


It is still healthy that improves the quality of life.

Everyone wants to stay healthy!
≪There are bioactive substances that support it from the basics≫
There are some physical problems and imbalances that everyone is worried about!
≪There are healthy ingredients that will surely adjust it≫

That is "CBD".
CBD is an ingredient that supports homeostasis in humans.
Many evidences and research results have been published around the world.

We have opened a shop so that you can choose a safe and secure CBD product that suits you!
Please try CBD once!


Safe, secure and high quality

CBD extracted from hemp (Cannabis sativa L., non-GMO) stems

Is used as a raw material.


OEM sales



High quality CBD brand

Providing NMN products to customers

  • We will generate profits by providing high quality CBD products, NMN products, and cosmetics to our customers.

  • We use domestic raw materials made in Japanese factories and prescribe the packages and raw materials you want.

  • Seed Medical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. provides CBD-related information to facilitate sales to our partners.


Entering the market

Would you like to introduce CBD products overseas?


  • Exclusive sales contract with Seed Medical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • We will handle customs clearance and import procedures on your behalf.

  • We will propose and support products that meet the needs of the partner country and the needs of our customers.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.


We also accept orders over the phone, so
Please feel free to contact us.

TEL      03-6263-0232

  Reception time    11: 00-18: 00

* Excluding weekends and holidays



Exhibited at Beauty World Japan at Tokyo Big Sight.

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